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Heckman Ranch

There is something to be said about one of the last remaining, self-contained cattle ranches in the Northwest. The Heckman Ranch is settled in the town of White Bird, Idaho, and has a natural beauty so majestic that it inspires the soul. Captivating gullies and mountain streams, steep trails and rocky hillsides, green meadows and endless sky are features that only begin to describe this paradise.

Originally started in 1933 on 3,000 acres, this third generation ranch is now one of the biggest family-owned and operated ranches in Idaho. Owner Don Heckman explains that his grandfather Eck Heckman first trailed cattle from Lewiston, Idaho, to Flynn Creek near the town of White Bird. Their first load of cattle sold went by rail car to Portland, where 27 head sold for a net value of $530.00. The ranch then expanded with the purchase of neighboring properties and the Heckman’s are responsible for the first shipment of all natural, grass fed cattle out of the state of Idaho.

This ranch has always been a proponent of all natural beef and uses no growth hormones or stimulants on any cattle. To ensure quality, uniformity, and freedom of disease, the Heckman Ranch continues to expand their cattle operation by breeding back their own heifers exclusively. In other words, the Heckman’s do not purchase any cattle from outside their own ranch. Heckman Ranch has a full time, on-site licensed veterinarian who is responsible for signing all drug-free documents.

The Heckman family has persevered through hard times, and Don himself will tell you that a strong work ethic throughout their family history is what has allowed him to be the third generation owner. This ranch produces some of the finest all-natural grass-fed cattle available.

Heisteman Ranches

Heisteman Ranches have been family owned and operated since 1947. All cattle are drug-free and are given no growth hormones or stimulants. Our cattle are handled in the most humane manner; part of the Heisteman's success is due to their emphasis on strict animal handling practices. No hay is fed to mother cows, and a variety of range elevations at Heisteman Ranches accommodate feeding during different seasons. The Heisteman's primarily breed back their own heifers and in the 1,400 head they have, they are able to grow their own yearlings, and also feed cows. Heisteman's all natural grass-fed cattle are some of the finest available and consistently meet high standards for heath, quality and uniformity.


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