Q&A: Northwest Grass Fed Beef

Q: Where Do Your Cows Come From?
A: All of our cows are from the Pacific Northwest. More specifically our cows come from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. All of the ranches that we work with have signed affidavits confirming that their cows are 100% grass fed with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Q: Where Can I Buy Northwest Grass Fed Beef?
A: Currently Northwest Grass Fed Beef can be bought at all Uwajimaya Stores (Bellevue, Renton, Seattle and Portland), PCC (Meat and Deli depts.), Thriftway (West Seattle and Magnolia), Amazon Fresh, Spud.com, Leschi Market, Madison Market and Lamb’s Market (Palisades), and a variety or other local retailers. Our beef is also used in many local restaurants in Seattle and Portland ranging from fine dining to a variety of pubs and burger joints.

Q: Why Is It Better For Cows To Eat Grass?
A: It is better and important for cows to eat grass because that is what is natural to them and what they are supposed to eat. When cows are forced to eat grains, such as corn, they have a hard time digesting it. Most of the time the cows that are struggling to digest their food will then be fed antibiotics to help them digest the food that their stomachs are rejecting.

Q: Is Northwest Grass Fed Beef Natural Or Organic?
A: The beef that comes from Northwest Grass Fed Beef is all natural. Our program is not certified organic but many of the pastures that the cows are grazing on are organic. Some of the ranchers that we work with have not gone through the organic certification process which keeps us from calling our program 100% organic.

Q: Does Northwest Grass Fed Beef contain any Genetically Modified Organisms?
A: NO! Northwest Grass Fed Beef does not contain any GMO’s.

Q: Are Northwest Grass Fed Cows Raised In A Humane Way?
A: Of course! All of our cows are raised out on the pasture where they are able to graze with other cows in herds. They are never in cramped areas or feed lots.

Q: How Do I Cook Northwest Grass Fed Beef?
A: You can grill, roast, stew or BBQ your NWGRB. The best part about cooking grass fed beef is that it cooks 30% quicker then grain fed beef to the same doneness levels. Since grass fed beef has lower levels of fat in the meat, the fat melting point is lower and is activated sooner in the cooking process. This then reduces the overall cooking time.


Northwest Grass Fed Beef
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